So what's the conclusion - does electricity influence gender relations?

09 January 2019 | by Tanja Winther

We in the EFEWEE team have now completed our study of electricity and gender relations in selected parts of rural Nepal, India and Kenya.

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How do women use electricity for income generation in rural Nepal, and what factors are supportive?

03 August 2018 | by Dr. Magi Matinga

What benefits, from a gender perspective, does electrification bring to rural women?

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Can electricity provision be game changer for women's empowerment?

19 May 2017 | by Dr. Mini Govindan

In a state like Bihar, which continues to be among the most economically deprived in India...

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Going further, faster - together, but fairly and justly!

22 March 2017 | by Dr. Magi Matinga

How time flies! We are already two years into our four-year research project...

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Is small beautiful?
25 January 2017 | by Mini Govindan

The long drive from Raipur airport to Hareli Eco Resort situated in lush green vegetation of the Barnawapara wildlife sanctuary...

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"What do women want?" Understanding the energy needs of women and girls
5 January 2017 | by Shukri Abdulkadir, ENERGIA Programme Officer

"What do women want?" It was this age-old question that formed the central focus of...

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Strangely little is known about electricity's gendered impact!
22 March 2016 | by Magi, Tanja, Anjali and Debajit

It has been a really exciting start to 2016 for the EFEWEE team! We have reached an...

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Exploring Factors that Enhance and restrict Women's Empowerment through Electrification

15 May 2015 | by Dr. Magi Matinga

It is with great pleasure that our team welcomes you to our online space for the research...

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