Exploring Factors that Enhance and restrict WMEN'S Empowerment through Electrification

The overall research objective is to account for the various factors that enhance and restrict women's opportunities and empowerment through electrification, both as the users of electricity services and as involved actors in the provision of electricity.

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Strangely little is known about electricity's gendered impact!

Strangely little is known about electricity's gendered impact!

22 March 2016 | by Magi, Tanja, Anjali and Debajit

It has been a really exciting start to 2016 for the EFEWEE team! We have reached an...

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Research Programme's Scoping phase meeting in Cape Town, South Africa

Dr Tanja Winther, Mr Debajit Palit and Dr Magi Matinga participated in the Research Programme's scoping phase meeting in Cape Town....

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